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Developed in accordance to Singapore Accounting Laws & Practices. Fully meets requirement of the Singapore working environment.

The most popular Real-Time and Multi-Users business software in Singapore that provides the highest performance and latest technology with SQL Client-Server architecture.

Fully keyboard operation
Fully utilize the keyboard to operate will gain faster speed than using mouse.

Hassle of Month End
No more month end hassle.
MadSoft allows you to enter next month’s transaction without closing the month’s account.

Online Help
On-line help
Comprehensive and complete on-guide help to guide users.

Multiple windows can be opened simultaneously so that job can be done faster.

Easy to correct data entry error.
Easy to correct data entry error
System will update the amended debit and credit transactions automatically.

Effective and fast inquiry
Fast stock/account inquiry screen for fast tracking of stock/account transaction status.

Post dated cheque
Handle post-dated cheque
A listing of all post dated cheques can be printed out.

Password Protection
Password protection
Every user in MadSoft should login with their username and password with the authorized access right.

Multi Level Access Control
Multi-level access control
Able to control user accessibility to each MadSoft modules.

Unlimited accounting period
User allows printing a profit and loss comparison report for the last 2 year with the current year.

User friendly entry screen
Users with no accounting knowledge can use it with no difficulty.

Account budgeting capabilities
MadSoft allows user to print comparison profit & Loss Statement with budget report.

Powerful report designer
User can easily customize forms/reports to fit into their preprinted forms.

Easy entry of transactions.
The entire entry screen in MadSoft is designed as a piece of paper; what’s the user need to do is just fill in the data accordingly. Furthermore, the system will do all the double entry automatically.

Real time posting
Once a transaction is saved, MadSoft will do the posting automatically.

Price control
Last selling/purchase price is retrieved when item is selected in sales/purchase module.

Comparison Report
Generate a comparison profit & loss statement of first quarter with 2nd quarter.

Powerful search engine
Search details of customer liker name, phone number, contact person,…

Daily bank reconciliation
Daily bank reconciliation can be done. The system capture the cleared date for bank reconciliation instead of month.

Multi currency control
MadSoft calculate the forex gain or loss automatically.

Drill down functions
Extensive drill down / zoom in facility. Support data export to formats like Excel, Word, Html, JPG, Bitmap etc.

General Ledger

The MadSoft Solutions General Ledger module comes with more than 70 industry-specific and ready-to-use templates to jump-start operations. The templates are designed for even non accounts-trained users to start using immediately.

  • Chart of Account
  • Receipts Vouchers
  • Payment Vouchers
  • Journal Entries
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Budget Maintenance
  • Asset & Depreciation Maintenance
  • Opening Maintenance
  • Reports

The MadSoft Solutions Accounts Receivables Module is designed to enhance efficiency in risk management by providing up-to-date information on business transactions.

Powerful functions allow users to generate real-time statements and reports for in-depth analysis of receivables and collection by user-defined periods, areas, customer categories, status and sales personnel.

  • Customer Accounts
  • Debtor Categories
  • Debtor Areas
  • Invoice Entries
  • Receive Payments
  • Credit Note Entries
  • Debit Notes Entries
  • Debtor Opening Balance
  • Transactions Knock-Off
  • Finance Charges
  • Reports

The MadSoft Solutions Accounts Payable Module is designed to efficiently manage the company's expenditure. This module helps to track and take advantage of term discounts, predicting cash requirements and tracking payments to ensure that there is no double payment.

  • Supplier Accounts
  • Supplier Categories
  • Bills Entries
  • Pay Bills
  • Creditor Credit Notes
  • Creditor Debit Notes
  • Creditor Opening Balance
  • Bills Knock-Off
  • Reports
  • Project Maintenance
  • Reports
  • New/Open/Close Company
  • Company Profile
  • System Options
  • Change Password
  • User Maintenance
  • Term Maintenance
  • Change Code
  • Backup/Restore Database
  • Custom SQL
  • Scan Database
  • Database Validation
  • Multi Location
  • Multi Unit Of Measurements
  • Multi Delivery Order to One Invoice
  • One Sales Order to Multiple Delivery Order

General Ledger

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