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Inventory Software

Streamlined to help business organize and control their inventory with serial number, batch number tracking and many more other features.

Accounting Software

Easy to implement and use.  Even those with no accounting knowledge has no problem using the software.

Add-on Solution - Scan, Match and Print

Reduce storeman error in picking wrong stock items by matching scanned ones with customer order.

Add-on Solution - Transform the way you make Payment

Convenience of approving payments anytime anywhere and save time in cheque preparation.

Add On Solution - SMS Notification

Notify customers on their delivery orders, overdue invoices, total amount of their invoices and more.

Training Classes

Training classes are conducted for more hands-on experience to get most out of the inventory and accounting software.

What do our customers say?

Angie Ng (Shipping Industry)

We can even customise our own format or report, simple and easy to learn.They provide account inquiry for faster tracking on the account transaction status also with the zoom in function at also major reports. Their Professional Solution has made the managing of financial accounting simpler and more efficient. It was a pleasure working with all of you. Please keep up the good work!

Dawn Teo (Marine Industry)

After using their Business Solutions, I am very pleased with the results I received.

I think the best part of the system is the flexibility of their report generator, With their intelligent queries wizard, I can just create a customized report by dragging and dropping the fields I need. Being able to get a customized report aid me in my decision making process as I can compare the data easily.

Diana Hong (Semicond Manufacturer)

We are very pleased with the implementation of  software. Not only we received your professional guidance and latest up grades, we were impressed by your team’s technical know how in all aspects during the implementation.It was a pleasure working with your team. We would like to say a big thank you for your commitment and your technical team in making this project a success.


Stocks Monitoring

Monitor stocks qty to reduce over or under stocking and to manage customers orders/deliveries.

Multiple Locations

Easy tracking of stocks quantity when they are transferred from one location to another.

Seamless Sales and Purchase Order Processing

Reduce processing time and error by generating 1 document (eg. sales invoice) from other documents (eg. quotation, …)

Real Time Posting of All Transactions to Accounting Modules

Accounting modules like general ledger, accounts receivable and payable are designed for real time posting from inventory.

Track customer and supplier historical transactions

Simple tracking and analysis of customers and suppliers sales and purchase trends to act as basis for orders forecast.

Price Control Management

Set up different prices for different groups of customers eg. resellers, distributors … and able to define promotion periods to all or specific groups of customers.

Reports with Drill Down capabilities to transactions

Drill down capabilities allow tracking to detailed transactions.

Serial Number

Able to track which specific stock item has been sold and to which customer by checking on the stock item serial number.  This is to check for stock item warranty period.

Batch Number

Upon delivery, storeman can select or let system select the batch of stock items with earlier expiry dates to deduct from stock item quantity.  To prevent accumulation of expired stock items.

Assembled stock according to Bill of Material (BOM)

Manage assembled stock item for material planning and wastage analysis.

Stock Bundling

Bundle a group of stock items to be sold as a whole product with individual stock items quantity auto updated.

Landing Cost

Calculate apportionment of indirect costs (eg. custom duty, freight charges, etc) to charge to each stock item unit cost.


Increase Sales Revenue

By accessing data anywhere anytime, salesperson is able to generate quotations immediately, shorten pre-sales process and close sales faster.  As a result, able to service more customers and increase revenue.

Reduce Aged Stock and Save Cost

Look out for aged stock for sales promotion before reaching obsolescence.

Optimise Warehouse Space and Save Cost

Warehouse can plan to keep the right volume of stock to meet customer demands.  No overstock problem.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Deliver the right stock items on time or earlier to customer not only increase customer satisfaction but also promote repeated sales.

Increase Speed in Tracking

Track all branches sales quantity, sales revenue, item margin and branch profit to assess each branch’s performance for fast and better decision making.

Fast Remedy Action

Proactive action with prompt alert: (a) when stock items below reorder level -> able to maintain optimal stock level and (b)  customers exceeded credit limit -> notify customer early for payment to avoid delivery delay.

Increase Productivity

Seamless order processing and real time posting of all transactions to accounting will reduce manpower and human error which will translate to increase in productivity.

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