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MadSoft Solutions Pte Ltd is pleased to inform that our MadSoft Enterprise is now one of the non-WSQ course listed in the SkillsFuture website.  This full course fees of $450 is fully covered by SkillsFuture Credit.


1. Getting started

2. Set up opening balance

3. Set up GST

4. Customer and supplier maintenance

5. Customer and supplier opening balance

6. Accounting transaction processing

7. Set up stock

8. Stock transaction processing

9. Multi currency

10. Project management

11. Security access rights

12. Inquiry and reports (accounting)

13. Inquiry and reports (stocks)

14. Do Backup and Restore


  • Able to create new database, setup company accounting system according to company operational and reporting requirement, and to start using the software
  • Know how to input transactions, sales, purchases, receipt , payment, GST reporting and bank reconciliation to get your company accounts up-to-date
  • Know how to manage stock transactions
  • Learn to generate instant reports  (eg Profit and Loss report) with drill down capabilities.



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