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Why MadSoft?

Data entry forms a vital part of outsourced accountants’ work scope to get the company’s accounts up to date and to generate timely financial report.  They are not stationed permanently at client office, and have to key in all the various documents, from sales invoices, suppliers invoices, receipts , payment vouchers from the beginning to accounts closing.

Cut down data entry

(1)  Salesperson key in the required quotation for customer – upon confirmation – operation staff generate delivery order for delivery of services / goods and generate sales invoice once completion of services / goods.

(2)  Upon receipt of goods, operation staff enter the Goods Receipt Notes as per the suppliers’ invoices.

(3)   User friendly interface allow non-accounts staff such as admin assistant to key in the receipt and payment vouchers.

Auto-alert of overdue invoices so no need to memorise

For overdue invoices from customers, there is a reminder alert so the accountants can start to chase after the customers for payment.

Real time update on company financial status

At one glance, the Accountants is able to know the status of cash flow so as to know the current company financial status.

Customized enquiries

Customised enquiries allow accountants to customise what he/she wants to see.


Multi Currency

Accept multiple payment method in cash sales

Multi Company

Able to support different companies

Multi Project

Able to support different projects

General Ledger

Up-to-date bookkeeping techniques offering convenient and real time information to users from various industries

Accounts receivable

Generate real time statement and reports for in-depth analysis on receivables and collections

Accounts payable

Keep accurate information on your cash management by carefully tracking and taking advantage of term discount, forecast cash requirements


Manage the entire sales cycle from quotation to sales order to delivery order, invoicing and sales return


Maintain a consistent and organized relationship between your business and suppliers so that you can serve your customers better


Easy and custom made reports to meet daily, monthly and management needs