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Multi Currency
Multi Company
Multi Project
General Ledger
Payment Voucher, Receipt Voucher
Journal Voucher
Bank Reconciliation
GST F5 & GST Detail report
Budget Maintenance
Foreign Currency Revaluation
Account Receivable
Customer Maintenance
Account Payable
Supplier maintenance
Terms Control Checking
Credit Limit Control Checking
Reset Monthly No.
Report Writer (Business Doc)
Quote, Sales Order, Delivery Order
Invoice, Debit Note,Credit Note
Cash Sales (multi payment mode)
Minimum selling price control
Customer Sales History
Purchase Requisition. Purchase order
Good Received Note, Purchase Invoice
Supplier Debit Note
Supplier Credit Note
Supplier Purchases History
User Defined Fields
Partial Delivery
Report Writer (All Report)
Stock issue
Stock issue return
Stock adjustment
Stock ledger (qty & value)
Month end stock balance
Up to 5 types inventory costing method (FIFO, LIFO,Avg, fixed cost, last purchase price)
Negative Stock Level Checking
Re-order Level Checking
Minimum stock quantiy control checking
Cost Secret Code
Stock Transfer
Print Barcode Label
Stock Assembly
Bill of Material
Enterprise Features
Serial Number
Packing UOM
Stock Bundling
Customer Item Code
Supplier Item Code
Substitute Item
Import & Export
Additional Credit Limit
Price Group(dealer, distributor, VIP, etc)
Premier features
Landing Cost
Stock Taking Form
Batch No with Expiry Date
Finished Goods Produce
Production Rate
Season Price Book
Season Discount Book
Price Tag
Production Batch Control
Multi-Level Purchases Requistions Control
User Default Forms Printing