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MadSoft Add-On solutions bring the capabilities of MadSoft Solutions to a whole new level. Each Add-On was developed to cater to the requirements of a specific industry. Here is a sampling of some of our most popular Add-Ons.

Car Rental Manager

Car Rental Manager is a back-end support Add-On which every automobile rental enterprise will find invaluable. From the moment a new hire booking is received, Car Rental Manager will be able to advise on the location, availability and condition of all the cars in the company’s stable. Users will also be able to remotely create reservations and produce hire agreements upon customer confirmation from off-site locations.
Car Rental Manager is also able to track rental car agreements and every aspect of your car rental operation from vehicle maintenance right through to the reporting of car rental sales, car hire analysis, rental car rates and hire car utilization.


  • Track vehicle status (reserved, rented, under maintenance, disposed)
  • Multiple branch operation
  • Vehicle maintenance, check road tax, insurance expiry date
  • Generate sales invoices, rental agreement
  • Integrated to MadSoft solutions
  • Comprehensive report to track vehicle utilization, sales by customers, vehicle, branches

Mobile Solutions (Sales)

MadSoft Mobile Solutions Add-On is an invaluable tool for sales staff constantly on the move. Easily run from a handheld device or laptop computer, Mobile Solutions streamlines the sales process from the employee to MadSoft solutions – reducing processing time, increasing efficiency, simplifying the sales process and at the same time, providing the salesperson with the power of mobility.

With Mobile Solutions, mobile personnel can use their handheld devices to capture orders during their client visits. On top of that, a multitude of product and pricing information, such as updated stock data, product ID, description, price, stocks status, purchase price and more, is available right at their fingertips. Consumer management data such as customers’ details, credit information and sales history can also be made accessible so that the salesperson can better manage customers, sales and collection all at the same time.

Because we think of all your needs, we know that there are circumstances where invoices or delivery orders have to be printed immediately to accompany the delivery or exchange of goods. Mobile Solutions can be extended to do just that – printing of documents on the spot!

At the end of the day, the orders captured can be updated to MadSoft Solutions via a simple synchronization process. At the same time, up-to-date data transfer from MadSoft Solutions to the mobile device can also be done easily and quickly with a simple touch of the screen. For those who prefer real-time updates, synchronisation of data with backend systems via the Internet or web services can be made possible with a little customisation.

Simply said, Mobile Solutions Add-On empowers the sales person on the move with the ability to make on-the-spot decisions, reduce customer response times, and ultimately, increase sales figures.

Record Locking Utility Add-On

The MadSoft solutions Record Locking Utility is a must-have utility to ensure record confidentiality and security. With this Add-On, a duly designated Administrator will be able to lock/unlock bills, either singly or by batch.

Once locked, normal users will not be able to amend, save or print such bills.

Stock Data Collector Add-On

This Add-On is the quartermaster’s best assistant. Traditional stock-takes and stock-picks become paperless, simple and accurate with the MadSoft Stock Data Collector Add-On.

(i) Stock take

Stock takes can now be conducted in a smart and easy way. No more voluminous inventory reports or tedious data entry after stock takes – all you need to bring to the store is a data collector.Four Quick and Effortless Steps:

  • Transfer data from MadSoft inventory control systems to data collector
  • Locate, count and update items status on data collector
  • Transfer inventory details from data collector to MadSoft inventory control systems
  • Check the data transferred, verify balance and update the reconciled balance into MadSoft inventory control.

Key Benefits:

  • Instant data collection with increased accuracy
  • Eliminates need for data entry –  reduced human error and manpower needed
  • Reconciled balance can be updated into inventory systems at double-time, resulting in more  up-to-date stock balance and increased efficiency
  • Reduced paper work

The Stock Data Collector Add-On simplifies the stock-take process and enhances the accuracy of the data obtained by providing a one-stop solution that minimizes the data entry and manpower required.

(ii) Stock Receipt or Picking

For companies that have frequent and voluminous in-coming and out-going goods or large stock items, stock picking can be a taxing and time-consuming task. The Stock Data Collector Add-On module helps to reduce this work load drastically.

The store man only have to update the details of the incoming/outgoing goods (such as part number and quantity, supplier invoice number etc.) via a data collector and viola, these data are uploaded to MadSoft solutions immediately upon synchronization.

Touchscreen Point-Of-Sales (POS)

The MadSoft POS is fully integrated with both Accounting and Inventory modules, and is easily usable by both new and experienced cashiers. Via any form of data transmission medium (cable, LAN, Wi-Fi), all users will have access to real-time inventory reports and be able to generate on-the-spot sales reports. This is specially developed for the retail sector and boasts a fully customisable interface to suit the scale and scope of any retail operation.