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It is an utility to send text notification to single or group of customers / suppliers with the option of retrieving customer-related information (overdue amount, last receipt amount, account balance).

You can create as many message template as possible for easy retrieval and send in the future.  In addition, the recipients have the choice to unsubscribe if they do not wish to receive any more sms messages.

Insert Customer Information
You can add in customer related information for eg. to chase for payment, you can add in customer overdue amount

Sent out Singly or in Groups
Groups of customer / suppliers can be created so messages can be sent out with the option of sending to the group
of recipients or individually

Message Template
Can create unlimited number of templates & saved for future messaging.  The use of template manager allows only
authorized user to copy & delete their own selected message templates.

Filter by Customer / Supplier / User Selected Fields
You can select to send the message based on customer / supplier / user selected fields.  For eg. you can choose
customer filtered by their code or area, …

Easy Internal Searching
In every message, you can specify the subject matter so that after the message is sent, you can search for the
required message using the subject matter

Reduce error when message can be preview before sending out to customers / suppliers / users

Schedule Date / Time
Flexibility to schedule date / time for the message to be sent out

View SMS History & Status
Able to (a) create sub folder for easy organizing and checking; (b) track on sent messages and
(c) date / time of the message sent out

Unsubscribe is Available
Customers / Suppliers / Users can choose to unsubscribe the sms message

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