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MadSoft Standard Accounting cater to the financial report needs of business with its easy to use interface that non-accounting personnel is able to manage the account without hassle.

Without the need to do month end or year end closing, having unlimited accounting period and real time posting, accounts closing become a breeze. You can manage the accounts in foreign currencies and reports with both local and foreign currencies in the same report are available. Financial Analysis can be done easily with comprehensive report, such as Profit and Loss Report by comparison for up to 4 periods is available to assist in your decision making.

It is listed in IRAS accounting software register and compliant to IRAS technical requirements.  In addition, to complement the existing features we also offer add-on solutions – MadSoft SwiftPay and MadSoft SMS.


Unlimited Accounting Period
No restriction to the number of months to close accounts

No More Month End
Move to enter next month’s transaction without closing current month account

4 Column P&L Report
Able to compare the profit and loss for up to four (4) periods

Real Time Posting
Transactions will be posted real time into the accounting journals – instant update

Project Profit & Loss
Able to compare performance of different projects/branches/outlets

Exchange Rates
Input daily or monthly exchange rates

Effective and Fast Inquiry
Fast account inquiry screen for fast tracking of account transaction status

Drill Down Functions
Extensive drill down / zoom in capability to trace to more detailed information

Query export to excel
Support data export to a variety of formats like Excel, Word, Html, JPG, Bitmap, etc

Multi Companies
Able to support many companies accounting needs

Can upgrade to include solutions with sales / purchase / inventory modules


MadSoft SwiftPay

Integrate payment with bank for digital payment to suppliers

Multi Currency Ledger
Both functional & foreign currencies values in the same report

Consolidated Profit & Loss
One glance, you can know the P&L of all your outlets/branches

Salesman Commission
Calculate the commission payable to each salesman

Multi Tasking
Multiple windows can open simultaneously for ease of reference & data entry

Reminder List
Prompt alert when invoice/debit note is overdue or credit limit exceeded

Batch Email
Email required documents in batches eg. statement of accounts to a list of customers

Audit Trail
Enable tracking for activities carried in the system by each user

Access anytime anywhere with internet access using desktop, laptop or tablet

MadSoft SMS

Text notification to single or group of customers/suppliers simultaneously

Keep source document
Attach source documents to payment vouchers for ease of reference

Foreign Currency Revaluation
Auto calculation of exchange differences

Handle Post dated Cheque
A listing of all post dated cheques can be printed out

Multi Level Access Control
Able to control the user accessibility to the different modules available

Valid Posting Period
Lock up the accounting period after the accounts has been finalized

Data in graphical representation are easily understood eg. actual sales vs budget and more

Favourite Reports
Customize required menus to easily access report that you often use

General Ledger

The MadSoft Solutions General Ledger module comes with more than 70 industry-specific and ready-to-use templates to jump-start operations. The templates are designed for even non accounts-trained users to start using immediately.

  • Chart of Account
  • Receipts Vouchers
  • Payment Vouchers
  • Journal Entries
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Budget Maintenance
  • Asset & Depreciation Maintenance
  • Opening Maintenance
  • Reports

The MadSoft Solutions Accounts Receivables Module is designed to enhance efficiency in risk management by providing up-to-date information on business transactions.

Powerful functions allow users to generate real-time statements and reports for in-depth analysis of receivables and collection by user-defined periods, areas, customer categories, status and sales personnel.

  • Customer Accounts
  • Debtor Categories
  • Debtor Areas
  • Invoice Entries
  • Receive Payments
  • Credit Note Entries
  • Debit Notes Entries
  • Debtor Opening Balance
  • Transactions Knock-Off
  • Finance Charges
  • Reports

The MadSoft Solutions Accounts Payable Module is designed to efficiently manage the company's expenditure. This module helps to track and take advantage of term discounts, predicting cash requirements and tracking payments to ensure that there is no double payment.

  • Supplier Accounts
  • Supplier Categories
  • Bills Entries
  • Pay Bills
  • Creditor Credit Notes
  • Creditor Debit Notes
  • Creditor Opening Balance
  • Bills Knock-Off
  • Reports
  • Project Maintenance
  • Reports
  • New/Open/Close Company
  • Company Profile
  • System Options
  • Change Password
  • User Maintenance
  • Term Maintenance
  • Change Code
  • Backup/Restore Database
  • Custom SQL
  • Scan Database
  • Database Validation
  • Multi Location
  • Multi Unit Of Measurements
  • Multi Delivery Order to One Invoice
  • One Sales Order to Multiple Delivery Order

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