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A tool for easy transfer of data from point of sales or other Inventory software to MadSoft inventory/Accounting Solutions. cash sales from point of sales, sales invoices from other inventory solutions can be imported into our solutions via XML Writer.

Users who face frequent changes of stock information such as selling price, stock item descriptions use this tool to update stock master file much faster than manual data entry.

Mass Import of Invoice / Debit Note / Credit Note / Cash Sales
Mass Import of invoice / debit note / credit note / cash sales from other software via XML file to MadSoft Solutions

Choose the Documents to Import
User is able to select what documents to import by filtering by document number or by date

Direct Update To Inventory/Accounting Module
Direct update of sales to inventory/accounting for immediate review and analysis of different branches / outlets sales
performance at different date range

Mass Update of Stock Item details
Able to mass update new stock items / editing existing stock items selling price / stock description in stock master
file MadSoft Solutions

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