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Construction Industry

"Months after using the software, we simply love the ease of generating financial reports with just a few clicks of the mouse. Running a construction company with multiple projects on hand may be difficult for the management to track the performance of each project effortlessly.
Also coupled with the zoom in function at all major reports and a user-friendly interface, Their Business Solution has made the managing of financial accounting simpler and more efficient.
We are quite impressed with your level of customer service. Friendly and courteous people are always a readily available to help, it has been a pleasure working with you guys. Keep it up!" Ooi Sock Houn Finance Executive, Construction Industry

Dermatology Industry

"With MadSoft Solutions, we will upload data, conduct transactions and track inventory electronically as opposed to manually. Specifically, inventory, customer and supplier data will be uploaded onto the platform as purchase orders can be derived and sent to suppliers and sales orders can be received from customers electronically. Thus, MadSoft solutions will be centrally managing the company’s data, inventory and accounting electronically instead of using 3rd party accounting involvement  and alternate manual tools. This will be a one stop solution, reducing the chances of human error and utilizes less staff allowing them to increase productivity elsewhere in the company." SHIHUI MAO, Dermatology Industry

Engineering Industry

"We are a construction company that manages lot of projects that runs all year round. Our management requires very timely and accurate information on the project costing each month to make sound business decisions.
Our accountant used to use excel to compute the profit and losses for each project manually, which is time consuming and not productive. Now she can generate the financial statements straight from the system quickly and accurately. Not forgetting the fully integrated accounting and stock modules, we now can see instant results in the financial statements upon entering of the bills (eg: invoices). It did exactly what you said it does, we are sure to recommend it to others.
We would also like to applaud your staff for their patience and helpfulness in assisting us through the transition of software in the past months.
Keep up the good work!" Leong Tuck Weng Director, Engineering Industry

Food and Beverage Industry

“The services rendered by the support team were impressive. We managed to have a successful Inventory migration from manual system to integrate with our existing Accounting system. They are professional with their assistance and have walked through the entire upgrading process with us.”
Ms Nicole Kow, Food & Beverage Industry

IT Industry

“They took the time to understand our business and delivered excellent work. Keep up the good work!”
Desmond Chan, IT Industry

“As a subsidiary, we need to submit timely reports to our Headquarters. QNE Business Solutions has provided detailed financial reports which comprise with our HQ requirements. Hence, we are able to have better cash flow management and margin control.”
Ms Stephenee, IT Industry

Marine Industry

"After using the Business Solutions, I am very pleased with the results I received. I think the best part of the system is the flexibility of their report generator, With their intelligent queries wizard, I can just create a customized report by dragging and dropping the fields I need. Being able to get a customized report aid me in my decision making process as I can compare the data easily.
We are also very impressed with the level of support that their staffs provide. They are prompt in replying our queries and professional with their assistance. I am also impressed with their knowledge of the software when they help us come up with alternative solutions using their off the shelf software that suits our company's operation.
We are committed to continue using the Business Solutions. Whether I'm here or anywhere I will always recommend them." Dawn Teo Accounts Executive, Marine Industry

Manufacturing Industry

“I want to thank the support team for their dedication in resolving our technical issues.
They are able to perform the implementation as well as conduct training schedule to meet up with our tight deadlines.”
Ms Michelle Chen, Food & Manufacturing Industry

Online Shopping Industry

"I believe MadSoft is a comprehensively developed accounting software with far-reaching applications by businesses of diverse industries. MadSoft will definitely improve the productivity of SMEs like mine, and its ability to define specific information required of financial reports will contribute much to planning (tactical and strategic) and decision making in my organisation”
Mr Michael Ng, Online Shopping Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

"Your support staff did a terrific job, even when pestered him with some questions on how to achieve some goals he was very helpful and courteous with his responses.  He really knows his stuff and explained it very well, along with a few other tips and tricks." ROBERT, Pharmaceutical Industry


Shipping Industry

"After couple month using the software, we found that this software very useful for us. We are a Shipping company that the shipment by daily sailing. Our transaction for the daily data entry is more than thousand. And our management requires the timely report and the revenue report by weekly and also the debt collection report. Now we can generate the report and instant results straight from the system upon entering all the invoice and costs by daily, and we do not need to do the posting and manually to compute the reports.
We can even customize our own format or report, simple and easy to learn. It provide account inquiry for faster tracking on the account transaction status also with the zoom in function at also major reports. Its Professional Solution has made the managing of financial accounting simpler and more efficient. We are quite satisfied with it.
We would like to take these opportunities to thanks for your staff for their patience and helpfulness in assisting us through the transition of the change of software in the past months. It was a pleasure working with all of you. Please keep up the good work!" Angie Ng Assistance Accountant, Shipping Industry

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